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Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus (COVID 19) update for patients

Village Chiropractic Clinic Policy Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Village Chiropractic Clinic Patients, Stake Holders and Staff

You will be aware that the Coronavirus advice is updated on a daily basis and as a health clinic we feel it important that you know what measures we have taken to ensure that both patients and staff stay safe.

If you are a patient with any concerns about attending your appointment with us, please contact the clinic on 01889 500448 to discuss this. If you are pregnant, are bringing an infant for an appointment or you are an older patient with underlying health conditions e.g. cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes or suffering from cancer, please contact clinic before attending your appointment and we will discuss whether we need to rearrange your appointment.

These include anyone with the following symptoms and have been in contact with an infected person, or recently visited any of the affected areas.

Please do not bring family members/friends to accompany you to your appointment unless they are absolutely essential to the visit. We are aiming to minimise infection risk as much as possible.

If you think you have symptoms – a fever, a cough, shortness of breath –  use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do next and DO NOT attend your scheduled appointment, just ring us to rearrange when you can, do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital without the advice from 111.

All of our staff are fully updated and we will follow these procedures as a matter of course:

We will not be providing any drinks in the reception area, you are welcome to bring your own.

All reading materials (magazines/books) have been removed from the reception area.

We have hand sanitiser wipes/cleaner in Reception and in the treatment room

Door handles in the treatment room, toilet and main access door are to be cleaned with an antibacterial solution after every patient visit.

We have clean towels in the toilet (disabled) – please use to dry your hands and they will be replaced following every use. We are in the process of installing an electric hand dryer.

The toilet area is cleaned with an appropriate antibacterial solution after each usage.

Hand washing: our therapists wash their hands with soap before and after all procedures. They also use hand sanitisers.

Broken skin is covered with a waterproof dressing.

Bench Cleaning – after each treatment per patient, the treatment table is cleaned with an antibacterial wipe.

The card payment machine terminal is cleaned with an antibacterial wipe after every usage.

The telephone handset and any mobile telephones in the reception area owned by staff are to be cleaned with an appropriate antibacterial solution every hour.

If you need to use a pen, clip board or other stationary item belonging and remaining in the clinic after your visit, these will be cleaned with an appropriate antibacterial wipe/solution after each usage.

All toys in clinic are cleaned after each usage per child, they are cleaned either with an antibacterial wipe or if appropriate cleaned with a Milton solution.

Our therapists wear gloves when there is direct contact with blood, body fluid, non-intact skin or mucous membrane, after which the gloves are discarded and hands washed with soap & water.

Each treatment room has the above equipment in stock and ready to hand.

All waste bins will be emptied at the end of every working day. Waste will be disposed of in line with our infection risk policy.

All staff members will only be in attendance at the clinic if they are well, do not have a cough or a raised temperature.

Delivery drivers/post office staff/other non-essential persons will not be permitted entry to the building. These persons will be greeted via the intercom system to reception and parcels will be left outside the main entrance and collected immediately by reception staff.


Please be assured that we are keeping up to date with all developments and advice from both the Government and Public Health England and will continue to take the necessary precautions. We will follow the government advice regarding when to stay open/ close to patients and will contact all patient as and when this is required.

If you require further information on Government advice to employers please click on this link:

Jennifer Hudson

Coronavirus (COVID 19) update for patients